I am a collaborative artist and human being who believes in revolutionary growth.

My goal as an artist is to create a gateway to a place of safety that allows all involved to share and discover multiple/simultaneous realities. As human beings we are innately able to adapt and build new ideas as we grow. It is the layers that have been compounded upon us by the “shoulds” in life that close us off from others. My goal is to peel back the layers to see clearly who we are and to build bridges that allow us to cross into the unknown and see things from one another’s perspective with openness and acceptance.

I believe that art is an interactive experience; the creator, the viewer, the patron and audience must all somehow be propelled into the environment; to become a part of it. Though the artwork itself has its own reason for being created, its true beauty is in the individual interpretations. Everyone experiences it from their own perspective and past experiences; knowingly or not they leave a piece of themselves behind, a gift that reminds us of their presence. Like in life, every person whether we meet them once or see them every day, they touch us and feed how we view and interact with our world.

As an artist with a foundation in theatre my goal is always to tell a story. I began my career as a visual artist; drawing, painting and sculpting then I discovered theatre and fell in love. Unlike most visual art theatre is rooted in collaboration. Each show builds a community. People with unique skills come together to tell one story using each other’s strengths and talents. Directors, writers, actors, designers, technicians and producers work together to set it all in motion; when all of these components come together its magic. For me all art functions this way, it never isolates it is always inclusive.

I have always had a knack for bringing people together, introducing collaborators and setting creativity in motion. Creating for me is about community and connection, whatever the vision is it must be open to all energy and expand with every participant. I have always said, you may not love what I did but if you felt something be it excitement, inspiration, anger or fear then I succeeded. And if you leave asking questions you had not asked when you walked in then the project added something beyond itself to this life.



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